What is Rolston’s Hockey Academy?

Rolston Hockey Academy Locker Room

Detailed Hockey Training by NHL Professionals and  Accredited Academics by Certified Teachers.

Rolston’s Hockey Academy (RHA) is a progressive program that blends a student-athlete’s academics, hockey training, and character development all together, with the same group of players every day who are working toward the same goal.

The academic program is unlike others.  School aged students will enroll in Connections Academy, Troy Intersect, or the online/blended program of the family’s choice, which will be monitored by the certified teacher and academic administrator.

The staff has developed a schedule that is flexible enough to incorporate daily on and off-ice training around the students’ academic schedules.  Woven into the program is also a character development component that is at times intentional and at other times, simply integrated into the other aspects of the program.

Is there a charge for attending RHA?

As RHA is a private school, there is a charge for attending.  Please contact RHA for more details.

Can scholarships be earned?

We are currently in the process of procuring funding for scholarships.  As funding for scholarships becomes available, we will make parents aware.

Can fundraising be done to lower the cost of tuition?

This is something we are currently working on. Parents interested in assisting with fundraising in an effort to reduce the cost of tuition should contact RHA.

Does the RHA provide lunch and snacks?

Snacks will be provided on a daily basis.

Do I have to apply or try out if I want to attend RHA?

RHA does ask of the following from each family seeking admission:

  • Academically speaking, we would ask to see a copy of the child’s last report card.
  • In terms of hockey, we will evaluate players for acceptance.
  • Lastly the child and parents would be asked to set-up and interview with the academic administrator.

The above process is not only for the sake of RHA, but for each family as well, to give everyone the opportunity to communicate and to be sure we are all striving for the same goals.

Young athletes and their parents have many questions regarding the health and fitness of their young athlete:

  • How much rest does my child need?
  • Does a young athlete need extra protein?
  • Does my child need a sports drink or is water enough to rehydrate him?
  • Should my son/daughter have a special meal before or after games?
  • What are some things my child can be doing off the ice to prevent injury on the ice?

A qualified speaker will periodically speak to our students about the importance of nutrition, sleep, fitness, etc., and how the athletes themselves affect and control these aspects of their lives.

A day in the life of an RHA student

(sample schedule)
8:00AM – 10:00AM, Classroom Time
10:00AM – 10:30AM, Dress for On-ice
10:30AM – 11:30AM, On Ice Skills Training
11:30AM – 12:30PM, Dress for Dryland & Lunch
12:30PM – 1:15PM, Dryland Training
1:15PM – 1:30PM, Prepare for Classroom
1:30PM – 3:00PM, Classroom Time/Free Ice